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Location: http://www.ajl-hzxiaoluan.com/iron-oxide-pigment/
Bio: Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details: Wooden case.
Delivery Detail: Shipped in 20 days after payment
Dimensions670*550*1400 mm
Motor2.5 KW
Air consumption12 L/Min (0.5MPA)
Water consumption2.2 L/H
Temperature upper140
Temperatuer bottom200
G.W.100 kg
N.W.87 kg
Output2000-2500 pairs/8h
Main Feature:
1.This Sport Shoe Making Machine is suitable for any gangbao materials and heel mould or external turning mould of hign-grade man shoe and women shoes , riding boot , sport shoes and leisure shoea befor upper forming toe machine .
2. With the funcations of computer antomatic detection , autofault alarm , indicating causes and location of fault on the screen , thus convenient for maintenance .
3.The upper and lower mold of hot mold can be heated at the dame time and steam equipment is also provided to make the vamp more elastic and luster during heating .
4.The cold mold and plywood will be custom-made per toe last with 100% accuracy .
5.The cold mold can be adjusted in many directions with good moulding effect , easy operation and high output .
6.Electronics is used for loading and unloading cold mold with high accuracy and stability .
7.Adopt environment protection water-cooling type refrigerating system , quick refriggeration , good effect , refrigerating temperaqture -20℃Toe Cap Molding Machine price
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